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Time to drop Luck?


I have DJ in my IR so no room for Luck. He’s just a bench spot I could probably use. Given his latest info about potentially not returning until November, should I drop?


I have luck also and have been considering it but I don’t think I want to. I’d really like to package him with someone else to get like a Bree’s. Lucks playoff schedule sucks. #streamingforweeks


Depends on your team. Luck comes back in November, DJ doesn’t come back until maybe Christmas. To me, Luck in November > DJ in January. If it’s a keeper or dynasty league, disregard everything I said.


I feel like if I’m able to make it to the playoffs or deep into the season with a shot having DJ back in my lineup will pay off bigger dividends than Luck.


Do you think Arizona will have a shot at making the playoffs? That’s the only way I see them bringing DJ back. Luck is the face of the Colts. He’s going to play a full two months before DJ comes back. Easy call for me.


What’s your record now? Holding DJ for months for the hopes of a week or two in the playoffs seems a little bit crazy. You need to make it there first. Luck could have a more immediate impact on you team.


I am currently 0 - 3 ha ha. A lot of underperformers up to this point Ajayi Crowell MT etc… I would just really feel sick if I squeezed in DJ came back a little early and put up numbers. Especially against me ha ha. Maybe I’m way out to lunch though


I’d Look at some other teams who are 3-0 or 2-1 or just a team that has an open IR spot. I’d try to get a trade for him. you prob wont get alot but might get a helpful bye week replacement or atleast something better than whats off the waivers


That’s a pretty good idea actually. Maybe he can be that toss in piece to
get a good starter