Time to drop Sony?

Should I drop Sony Michel for Damian Williams? The pats are all over the place with RBs so it’s a toss up who is going to have a good game and he keeps getting vultured for touchdowns

I’d do it. Super shocked Williams is available.


I wouldn’t drop sony. i just would bench him.

For anyone who reads this, repeat after me “If i draft a pats RB, i will trade him at the deadline”.

Pats RB are frustrating to own during fantasy playoffs because Belichek does this every year. He rotates them around to keep his starters fresh and uninjured for NFL playoffs.

He has the potential to go off, so i would keep him on the bench to play defense against your opponent. you likely have someone more disposable if you want to have damian on your bench in case ware sits


Took your advice got rid of hamilton but start Henry Lyndsey or if ware is out Williams in my flex?

This so much! I snagged white off waivers at the start of the season and had to drop Kupp to do so. Still wasn’t the worst decision but white became a bum after the trade deadline.

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I had dion lewis last year during fantasy playoffs. My team completely crapped the bed in the semis, but seeing dion get 2 looks, and a third down td vultured by Rex just added insult to injury.