Time to drop Ty Montgomery

Saw a report that he may not be available to play this coming Sunday and his ribs are causing more pain this time around than the first. Is it time to drop him? ROS is brutal for the packers to boot. Week 16 vs Vikings. Thoughts???

always depends on who you can pick up? if there’s a guy out there w/ nice playoff matchups, or even a defense with a sweet week 16 matchup, probably could do it. seems like this rib injury will take a while

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I would drop him if someone decent is available. If not though I would keep him. Always depends on depth and scoring format though. Name some RBs available and I can give you a better answer.

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There’s absolutely nothing on the wire Booker and Lacy best two options. I was going to drop him for a DST or QB for the playoffs. I have Kirk and he’s got Denver n the championship game. So I’m preparing. I’m absolutely stacked at WR and TE. RBs are crap shoots. Demarco, Dion Lewis, Eli McGuire, Perine and Ty. Passing game has held me down all year.

Only decent DST you could drop him for is Chicago if they are available. But with what you said I would keep Ty and see what happens