Time to give up on KIRK COUSINS ? - HELP

I know he will do better than what he has done in the first 2 weeks, but should I look at getting one of these other QB’s and start streaming?

Available: Siemien, Rivers or Wentz?

I only have 4 bench spots, so I would most likely have to drop cousins as the other option would be Emmanuel Sanders.

I do like the QB’s available but is it dumb to give up on Kirk so early?

(Standard league, 1 QB)

I’m in the same boat you are. I drafted Kirk late, and I refuse to keep a QB on the bench. I did the same thing last year and I hate to start streaming already this season but he’s pushing me to it. His next few matchups are OAK, KC, and then a bye. So conceivably he’s droppable if there’s a better option out there on the WW.

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I’m in the same boat… started him both Week 1 and Week 2 and he crapped my team (though I escaped with a victory last week - this week, probably not). Going into next week, pretty sure I’m going to give up on Kirk and roll with Dak against the Cards or look at streaming for Week 3.

Wentz gets the Giants next week, so I’d stay away from that. Siemien gets Buffalo, which I’d say is exploitable for sure. Rivers gets KC at home, which - although not great on paper - I think he has the weapons to be successful (especially with KC being Berry-less). I’d probably go Rivers over Cousins if I could.

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You’re definitely going to want Cousins this week over Wentz hosting the Giants or Rivers playing the Chiefs. But given your league’s incredibly short bench (4? Wow) and Cousins upcoming week 5 bye, you are going to be dropping him soon. I’d stick with him this week though.

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As a Bears fan, but a FF player this kinda pains me… What do we think about Cutler?

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Ajayi ran 28 times against the Chargers. Now the Fins get to play the Jets abysmal “defense” … if you can even call it that. I don’t see Cutler being forced into making any more than 25-30 pass attempts max. I think Cutler is a capped-upside play for Week 3.

I have Cousins and somebody in my league just dropped Mariota. Should I swap these two?

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Long-term, I’d say yes. But for this week with Tennessee playing Seattle… no thanks.

I’ve got him in my league of record and I sat him this week thankfully for Rivers. I rarely draft a second QB but grabbed Rivers in the last round of the draft just as a flyer and a bye week QB for Cousins. I’m toying with the idea of dropping him as well and rolling Rivers out for a while.

I would see how the giants play tonight and see how their defense looks and if they can establish some passing game. As it stands now, I would go Siemien > Rivers > Wentz bc BUF will be exploitable. Rivers hasn’t been great fantasy-wise the entirety of his games, but he has come through to just boost his points to about 17.5, which has been serviceable for me. Rivers has the weapons it seems, but he has only started to put up passing points in the second half of games in Week 1/2 with LAC losing.

See: http://www.nfl.com/player/philiprivers/2506121/situationalstats

Rivers this year:

18 ATT ahead in games versus 40 ATT behind
28 ATT in first half versus 44 ATT in second half

However, I might be tempted to put up Wentz bc of the sheer volume of his passing (320 yds avg over 2 games and 4 TDs for avg of 21.85 points despite a fumble and 2 picks) and the fact that the Eagles have a crappy run game now ONLY IF the giants still look crappy.

See: http://www.nfl.com/player/carsonwentz/2555259/situationalstats

If the giants look good, Rivers might be the safer second option since he’s thrown 1 INT less and has a better passer rating (in that he’d probably protect the ball better against KC than Wentz might against NYG). He may have a lower upside for fantasy points though if they are ahead…

I desperately grabbed at Palmer about a half-hour before kick off because my buddy talked me out of Cousins and luckily that didn’t somehow go worse. My backup QB is Luck and I didn’t want to drop Cousins, so I had to roster 3 QBs.

I know I need to drop Palmer but curious too, about finding another streamer, or can I trust Cousins this week and will Luck be back by week 5 to cover my bye?

Lots of questions, lol.