Time to hit the PANIC button on Kareem Hunt?!?

11 Carries
17 Rushing Yards
1 Reception
9 Receiving Yards

What is going on!!! He’s been steadily trending down and this has to be an all time low on Hunt. Is it worth moving this guy or just hope for the best? Please share your thoughts and insights…

Sincerely, a worried Kareem Hunt owner.

I don’t know how I play him. But of course, next week they get the Jets, so the analysts will have him as a top 5 RB and I will feel like I have to play him… ugh

He’s not good enough to overcome a bad, gimmick-based offense, an atrocious defense, and lack of usage. Yes, panic.

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I’m benching him for Lewis

I had the same thought today… Lewis sitting on my bench each week and being solid against Hunts DUDS

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I’ve all but given up hope on him. Think it’s time to sell him for pennies on the dollar…

I’m panicking too. I started 9-0 and i’m on an 0-3 skid. I’m debating benching him next week and playing either Duke Johnson, or a 3rd WR