Time to move on from Miles Sanders?

With a dreadful schedule coming up and Philly wanting Howard to run more, should we all move on from him?

Other RB: CMC, D Cook, D Montgomery, Chris Thompson, and A Matthison.

I would be fine without him, but man I hate dropping a good running back that isn’t getting as much opportunity who could be an RB2 if given the backfield for free on the waivers.

I’m in the same boat with both my teams. I have him but can’t imagine playing him so I am not sure what to do. On your team it’s hard to see you missing him much with CMC, Cook, and Montgomery as your top 3. I can’t see him playing over those 3, although Montgomeries snap count did go down, but they were playing from behind most of the game which affected that. At this point I would also trust Thompson more than Sanders which is unforunate.

I’d hold… with Sproles out see if Sanders adds more receptions. Sanders has looked solid and if he can add some of Sproles work he can be a flex play. And he’s only 1 rolled ankle by Howard from a massive role

Move on if you can make a trade. I currently have a package T. Williams & M. Sanders for Kylar Murray or Matt Ryan out there now.