Time to panic?

So somehow I was able to advance in the playoffs on the back of kittle but poor play by the rest of my team. A W is a W, so I’ll take it!

But is it time to panic about Newton? 10 points today total and no td’s. Next week plays NO. Do you jump ship or ride it out?

this is a question that all of us newton owners are asking but it seems no one knows. hes a good player but with his picks and bad throws and loss of rushing floor he seems washed up. Plus cmc is getting all the tds and newton isnt doing anything. Im praying the footballers talk about this

I think it’s time to prepare for sure. Cam has been dropping in performance for a few weeks now and the warning sirens are starting to sound across the board it seems.

I really hope that Cam does get some good discussion time somewhere before this weeks waivers and games but i wonder how many experts, analysts and commentators will be ready to put their neck on the block by saying sit Cam for a streamer and we are really talking Allen, Jackson, Baker in most leagues as guys likely out there. He has the ability to provide big upside but it hasn’t been there for a few weeks and doesn’t look likely to be there with CMC getting all the TDs and Cam struggling to throw it seems and not rushing much at all.

This could come down to matchup and frankly onions of the owner. If you have a lot of assets in the midweek game which could be true as it’s KC vs LAC or you’re against a powerhouse team and need to go for upside or at least mitigate Cam giving you a 8-12 point week. It’s a long week ahead for Newton shareholders.

The NO could be a different game as well because they should take CMC away largely on the ground which could mean YAC for CMC and yards for Cam and he may also have no choice but to throw 35+ times or use read options in the red zone so the upside is there for me in week 15. It’s playing against weaker Ds that concern me as they can just hand off or dink and dunk with no need for Cam to do much. It’s a really tough call and one a lot of us will be wrestling with by the sounds of it…