Time to part with Hunt?

My RB depth is not bad but not the greatest. I have Hunt and Gordon as my studs and McKinnon and Mixon as backup (also picked up McFadden but I don’t see that going anywhere).

10 team PPR

A buddy in my league realllly wants Hunt. Has been bugging me for him. Also has really wanted McKinnon lately. He has Fournette on his team.

I love Hunt and what he’s capable of but he has been trending slowly downward after a hot start. Plus KC frustrates me by not using him enough… is it time to move on?

Would it be worth attempting to get Fournette from my buddy?

Hunt for Fournette? Or even Hunt and McKinnon for Fournette?

Hunt on his own should be enough to tempt the fournette trade, especially since he wants him.

I have Hunt and I’m pondering the same, he had 3 difficult matchups recently and I’m willing to give him this week

My only caveat would be that Hunt is in a much more explosive, high scoring offense, whereas Fournette IS the Jags offense. And as good as he is, and from a volume standpoint I know that sounds ideal, but I feel like eventually teams will key in on stopping him.

Whereas KC has so many other weapons maybe it gives Hunt more chances to strike. But who the heck knows.

Here is the other thing I would consider: Playoff schedule. When do your playoffs start? Are you already in a position to make the playoffs, or are you needing that extra boost to get there? If you are already in a position to likely make the playoffs, consider the schedule from Week 14 to Week 17 (14 is the week most leagues start playoffs).

Hunt: 14 - Jets (22nd), 15 - Raiders (24th), 16 - Chargers (26th), 17 - Dolphins (9th)
Fournette: 14 - Seahawks (5th), 15 - Texans (2nd), 16 - 49ers (32nd), 17 - Titans (13th)

The numbers in parenthesis are each defense’s rank against RBs this year. That means Fournette has to play 2 of the top 5 hardest defenses against the run in what is likely your first two playoff games. Hunt, however, gets three of the worst defenses in what should be your playoff run.

Just something to consider.

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Thanks for the helpful stats!

If I’m being honest I don’t WANT to move Hunt. I just can’t ignore his recent production. But maybe he’s due to get back to form.

I’m 7-1 so playoff picture may sway the decision.

I just want him to get in the endzone every now and then. Is that too much to ask? haha