Time to pivot from Mixon?

Should I pivot from Mixon? Have a few other owners interested in him. I’m just unsure what his value should be. I’m thinking of packing a deal together to go get a better rb1. Watching Andy dalton is painful to me. I see this offense just imploding. Who should I go get? I’m 8-2 and should seal a bye this week.

QBs: mahomes, Wentz
RBs: Mixon, Jones, kerryon, Mack
WRs: D. Adam’s, Thielen, Golladay, Jeffery, Anthony Miller
TE: Kelce

Without looking at any data or scheduling Chubb immediately jumped into my head. I too would be uneasy as it seems the bengals may have given up on the season.

Thinking of proposing this offer:
Give: Mixon, M. Brown, Jeffrey (or Golladay) starting low

Get: chubb and juju
They’re the Gurley owner and wants the handcuff

If you want to trade Mixon you need a good return but after this week his schedule is CLE, DEN, LAC, OAK, CLE all good matchups for running on and if Green gets back even better.

They could get a Ravens team this week with a back up and/or rookie QB that can’t throw so a win this week keeps them in the hunt. i don’t think they have given up on the season yet. With a schedule like that 3-5 more wins is very possible which gives them best case 9 or 10 wins on the year, granted likely second in the division but conference wise they would be in the hunt.


I think you would win that trade. Try to pull it off while still holding on to Golladay.

The Bengals are currently in the wild card race so to say they’ve given up is a major over-reaction from a game where they didn’t have AJ and went against a hot NO.

Mixon might “struggle” (last week he had 5.5 ypc) this week against the Ravens but he’s played the 2 best run defenses in the league in back-to-back weeks. His playoff schedule is juicy and at 8-2 that’s what I’d be focused on. I just don’t see an upgrade going after Chubb. In my opinion that’s a lateral move and doesn’t bring a benefit. The Gurley owner will be happy because he now has a handcuff


Don’t panick. While on paper he might not have a great matchup, once Green is back he’ll be ok. And they’ll make a playoff push so Mixon should be fine.

I am nervous if green comes back at all this year especially if Bengals drop a few games. Plus foot injuries tend to linger and re-aggravation is a high possiblity. Just have some worry with Mixon. Trade deadline is next week. His playoff match up does look great especially since I should be able to avoid the wk14 match up vs the charges. Then Oak and Cle. I do agree the chubb trade would be a lateral move but upgrades the flex (juju) and start Jones kerryon at RB.

Out of curiousity who do you guys rank as better playoff RB than Mixon? Mixon seems to me to be the low end of the top tier RB

This is a good counter argument. However the move to hire Hue Jackson does not make me feel great about what is happening in Bengals locker room. Considering the original post was asking about pivoting I assume the OP is also concerned about the state of the Bengals.

I’m a Mixon owner too and decided to trade Brieda for Phillip Lindsay for insurance in case things go downhill in CIN. I’d like to do better considering Denver is still a technically a 3-man RBBC but Lindsay has one of the best schedules ROS and has been reliable. CMC and Gordon are the better backs with good schedules but they feel out of reach…

Hue coming back to me is weird. I don’t understand why you bring in an offensive guy to fix the defense. Will see what the offense as a unit looks like in this game and I’ll think of making a move from there. CMC I’d love to get but there’s no real feasible way of getting him. Gordon owner is always looking to make a move so a possibility is there.

Mixon’s value tanked once Green went out, and he’s worthless now that Green and Dalton are on IR, and the defense stopping coming to work…