Time to sell on Kamara?

I have Ingram and after watching this game I have doubts about Kamara. Should I try and get a good rb and wr for him while i have the chance?

No. If you indeed wanted to sell Kamara regardless, right now is the worst time possible to do it. But if I had him on my team, I wouldn’t even consider selling at any point in the season. He’s going to go right back to putting up monster scores after the bye week. This game was just re-establishing Ingram initially, which worked extremely well, and then opened up the passing game, and it turned into a relative blow out. It’s been 4 weeks of fireworks from Kamara - it was good for his ROS prospects to have this game of minimal usage and then the bye week. He’ll return in full form and you will be unhappy you gave him up I’m willing to bet!

What? No. Don’t do something you regret. Guy is a fantasy monster. Last night is the worst experience you’ll ever have from him with 4 active quarters of football.

No, just no. No further analysis needed lol

I guess im over reacting since I need Kamara and thomas to outscore lutz by 16 points and I lost

That’s frustrating for sure. But run the marathon here and you have two absolute studs in Thomas and Kamara. Ride it out with them. That’s my take here.

I didn’t watch the game fully but what happened to Thomas? Brees had a good day and Thomas was seemingly absent.

It’ll happen from time to time to any elite WR. Teams will go all in to take away MT, AB, OBJ etc and they will get something but they do it to force teams to beat them another way. The Skins just had to sell out too much to keep MT quiet though and it left their other weapons free run and with Brees throwing it’s game over.

Can’t really explain that. Appeared Thomas was getting a lot of attention and the newcomer WRs of Merideth and Smith were left unattended. Last night was a NO anomaly in two regards: Brees chasing history and they got so far ahead so quickly, i just can’t imagine it was the standard game script. My guess is from the bye your two studs will reestablish themselves as the team’s two primary targets/tools.

that’s rough man. to make a massive understatement…damn. no wonder you want to sell kamara haha.

but no, keep those guys man. MT and Kamara is prob the best team duo you can possibly have.

Thomas was there, the game just wasn’t ever close. Brees threw a couple bombs one at the end of the first half on which he passed Manning for the yardage record and the other in the beginning of the 2nd half I think. Both of them were to non-MT guys and were prob specifically drawn up that way in an effort to get that record for Brees while he was at home in NO, and just get the record out of the way and move in with the season prior to their bye week so it’s no longer a distraction to Brees or the team or the media.

MT looked good and had some nice catch and runs. Kamara too. But the game was never really in question. They’ll be back in action like we’re all used to in Week 7.

yeah from the box score it seemed like that.

Yeah MT looked good on the catches I saw but I was a little surprised that they didnt throw the ball to him a little more