Time to Swap Westbrook and Chark

So after Thursday, it’s pretty clear that Chark has taken over the role we thought Dede would have, right? We could pretty much do a straight drop/add switch and start playing Chark as a regular.

Agree or disagree?

You know, as a Dede owner myself im having a hard time letting him go, and if we look at the game last night he still had the lions share of targets with 9 and a drop for what could have been a touchdown and had it been caught we could be having a different conversation this morning. Chark had 5 targets but with touchdown that obviously makes him seem better. So i go back and forth but I’ve not hit the drop button yet.

dropped dede in 1/3 leagues i had him in, went for chark in the one i dropped him but ended up with demarcus robinson.

after last night, im still on team dede too, as Moon mentions, big target share last night, easily could have posted a better stat line. he had at least 2-3 drops, 1 for a TD. im looking at week 2 more on the “outlier” side of dede for right now.

chark and dede target share is pretty similar on the season as whole.

Those drops were pretty bad but the opportunity should still be there for Dede. If Jax was smart, they’d keep the throwing the ball because that offensive line clearly cannot run block. I’d hold on to Dede as he’ll continue to get targets.

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i am glad i didnt start dede this week, but man, those drops were rough for sure, feel like i could have had a better chance to snag some of those. but im on the sofa and he is on the wet field

I started fournette over dede as my flex in a ppr league and i was pulling my hair out watching fournette get negative in the rush, thank god for his pass catches and his 4th quarter monster run. After seeing how terrible the Jacksonville run-block is i might look to trade him, see if i can get someone more consistent.