Time to trade away Mark Andrew's?

I have Kittle. I do need a WR… who should I package Andrews with to get a good WR?

My Rbs.
Tevin Coleman
Nick Chubb
Devin Singletary
David Johnson

My Wrs
Julius Edelman
Robert Woods
Curtis Samuel
Michael Gallup

G. Kittle
M. Andrews.


12 team standard league. I’m moving up from 7th place to 6th place possibly 5th place with this win I got.

Assuaging redraft. What are your starting lineup requirements?

It’s a redraft.

1 Qb
2 RBs
2 WRs
1 TE
1 flex
1 kicker
1 defense

Move Andrews no doubt. I’ve held onto him due to the upcoming bye for Hunter Henry but am also testing the trade market. You’ll have to approach teams that have been starting Jonnu, Ebron (maybe), or other sub par TEs

I would look towards a Golden Tate if you can handle the bye week coming up. Or do a package deal and try to upgrade Curtis Samuel after his big week

What week 10 looks for me.