Time to trade Hunt?

Kareem hunt has been disappointing the last 3 weeks. Is it time to trade? I had my 2nd loss of the season by 3.8 points, was banking on Hunt to do something. I know Hunt can bounce back but is he worth trading for say, Doug Baldwin and Jerrick McKinnon? Or is he still more valuable than those two. Would love to know where he stands now.

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I’d trade hunt for Baldwin and mckinnon if you need help at WR… But if not don’t panic… Sit on him… He will get back to better form after the bye

I feel like in the long run my receivers are ok with Evans, Dez, and Ted Ginn jr. But this week doesn’t look too good with Evans suspended and Dez questionable. If Dez doesn’t play I have to start Corey Davis or Dede Westbrook. Think I may keep Hunt because I’m 7-2 and can afford another loss, but if he doesn’t pick it up after the bye I think its time to panic