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Tips for 2nd pick


Hey guys I’m in a .5 Ppr keeper league that you can’t keep any player selected in the first 3 rounds from the previous year. I selected Tom Brady for a 10th, Jordan Howard for a 9th and Crabtree for a 6th as my keepers. Now we got the draft order and I’m 2nd overall I know the guy picking first will take DJ for sure so it puts me in kind of a toss up because as much as I love Bell I’m afraid of getting burnt by him again when I could just feel solid with taking Antonio brown. Any advice on how anyone is feeling with this 2nd overall pick because before I got it I felt top 3 picks should be the big RBs but Antonio has won me multiple championships so now I feel biassed. Thanks all!!


Not sure if your league allows for it. You could always try trading draft picks to move back a spot or two in order to still land Brown and get a better return in round 2.

Otherwise you are still getting the #1 Wr1. Nothing wrong with following your gut feeling. Its all predictions until the season actually start. Every year there are surprises. If you don’t feel good taking one of the top 3 Rbs, nothing wrong with taking the best wr in my books.


at this point, its brown for me. bell has those concerns with injury, and zeke is looking at potential game time missed. your first pick should be someone you can safely rely on. for me, thats brown. it would have been zeke about 2 weeks ago.


im taking leveon at 2. Bell and Howard is a great RB duo and its extremely cheap for you. Youre able to snag 2 more solid backs for insurance in the next few rounds if you want to. Also bell is a top5 back and he adds like wr2 scoring, its crazy. TAKE HIM