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Tips for first keeper league


Hello guys,

For a first timer in a 10 team 2 player keeper league at pick 9 who would you target?
Is it bad to STRECH for a QB1 at second pick to guarantee a starter for next year?



How long do you get to keep the players?
And what is the penalty to keep a player?
Standard scoring?


We can keep them til next season which we could then choose to keep them again or choose different keepers. No penalty for keeping a player. And it is .5 ppr


So just to clarify…

You can keep this player for free every year as long as you want…

So basically in a 16 roster league if you draft Mike Evans round 1 and. Jordy Howard round 2… You can keep them next year as your 15 and 16th roster spot and draft new players in round 1 and 2?

Is this what your saying…?


Yes that is what I am saying. Those are the rules for this year, could potentially change this is the first year the commish is doing keeper.


Ok that’s fine…
Next years draft everyone is just gonna be drafting wr2 and rb2 and whatnot… Most likely 15 of the top 20 players drafted this year will be kept…

This is my 6th year in a keeper league.

With your rules id def go youth and longevity with your 1st 2 picks. You can pick age and consistency later…

If your pick 9 in a snake that means you have 9 and 12
I’d honestly go with Freeman, ajayi or Howard in that range(in that order)
Then TY Hilton, Michael Thomas or mike Evans (in that order)

With your first two picks…

Then 3rd and 4th your looking alot of WR watkins, fitz, crabtree
If you want you could even maybe get a forrnette(if he falls) or mccafery(if you reach) and one of them pops you might get to keep them for 5-6 years

But def wait on QB in your first 2 picks… I’d wait till after 6-7 honestly. As your league rules make it so first and second round picks will almost always be kept and then if you hit on a later round player that actually out performs a top pick then you keep him.
Not sure how big your bench is… But late in drafts if you can target players like Derek henry do it. As you never know when they will take over the RB1

Hope that made sence… And good luck


that is great help, very detailed and specific.

Ive played in a ton of redrafts but never a keeper so i was little confused on how to draft haha.

But I will be using your tips for sure.