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Tired of streaming QB's. TRADE HELP


My team atm:
QB: D Watson
RB’s: Bell, Hunt, D. Martin, McCaffrey and DJ (IR)
WR: G. Tate, D. Baldwin, TY Hilton, D. Parker and M. Thomas
TE: Reed and Engram
D: Lions
K: Zuerilein

I was offered Dak for either a RB or WR… i was thinking about giving up McCaffrey or Tate for Dak. I would than drop Watson and pick up a J. Mixon or A. Kamara or D. Funchess

opinions? is it a good trade or do i sit still? Full PPR (4-0)


I’d try to offer Hilton for Dak. McCaffrey would probably be fine, but I’d want to keep some RB depth. You can spare a WR more.


I think youre perfectly fine without trading for dak. Watson looks good and has a good baseline with his rushing ability. And the rest of your team is really solid.

Check how long your trade review period is, because if its 2 days and you trade for him now, you wont have him before he plays on sunday. But if you really like Dak I would wait till next week when he’s on his BYE and try to trade Parker for him straight up cuz he will be worthless to the other owner next week.

If he doesn’t bite on that, I would:

  1. Trade McCaffery for Dak
  2. Drop parker for kamara. Then you save Watson on your roster for Dak on his BYE next week. Kamara will be post-bye.
  3. After Dak’s BYE you can drop Watson and pick up the best WR on waivers to replace Parker.
  4. Win #FootClanTitle


This isn’t bad advice. You probably are fine with Watson. If you really want an upgrade, then I’d refer you back to my original post.


Not really related to your question, but how the heck did you end up with Bell and Johnson?


Hahah I traded for bell


I like hill and Parker toooo much to trade them. Hill will be beast in 2 weeks when luck is back. And no way I’m dropping Parker. Parker will soon be WR1 for Miami, people sleep on him.


Yea I’ll probably just stay with the team I got. Thank you


Hilton, you mean? I’m not all that confident Luck is coming back, much less coming back close to himself. I want no part of that offense, but if you’re somehow confident, be my guest.


Yea Hilton sorry lol and reports say he will be back tô limited practice next week so Ima just keep him