Titans defense week 1 over chargers?

So I have chargers defense (who finished 15 defensively last season) but they’re playing KC (finished 5 as an offense last year) who can put up a lot of points. The titans defense (who finished 13 last year as a defense) is playing the dolphins (finished 25 as an offense last year) who I think might be the worst team in the nfl this year. I know the chargers defense is a better unit but should I play the matchup and pick up titans defense off waivers for week 1?

Personally i’d go Chargers and not because i’m a fan! Week 1 they play KC with a new OC and essentially a rookie QB who will be facing argualbly the best secondary and one if not the best pass rush in the league, either way they will get sacks and picks. Week 2 they play the Bills, same deal but a much worse offense so again they will get sacks and picks. Also i doubt they give up a lot of points to either.

Week 3, the Rams could be a red flag so i may look to stream for a week and hold the Chargers if i can because week 4 are the 49ers who are not perfect, week 5 the Raiders and week 6 the Browns. Of course that’s too far ahead to say confidently that these will be good D matchups but weeks 1 and 2 i’d happlly play the Chargers and if the Browns, Raiders look suspect again i’d keep them for that and maybe look for someone for the week 3 matchup with the Rams.

I like the Steelers if i can get them, Browns, Chiefs, Bucs and Ravens to open which are all good for D on paper. Plus being a high powered offense they will make teams chase the game. Or the Saints, open with Bucs and Browns.