TJ or OJ in Dynasty?

Dynasty, standard scoring. TJ Hockenson or OJ Howard?

I’ve never seen a question where I don’t know what side I lean on. I love the talent of both players. They’re both great receivers and blockers, and will never need to get off of the field. I think I’d lean Hockenson just for the youth. You may not get the level of production of Howard in 2019, but going forward, I don’t think you’d be upset.

Oj Howard was a generational talent coming out and has already proved he could do it in the nfl, more athletic better receiver and just as good of blocker, also TE have slow starts to there career, I believe oj Howard is just ramping up the only knock on him is his injurie concern


Also oj Howard is only 24

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This is a close one for me but only because OJ Howard has an injury history. And it’s always been on the same foot/ankle. That shit nags at you and doesn’t really go away. If it was on talent alone, it would be OJ howard for a mile. 1 to 1, I’d still probably take OJ Howard. But put different, in a startup league or draft, I would rather pass up on OJ HOward and get TJ one round later. Which is exactly what I did in my latest startup.

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@MikeMeUpp What rounds were those? I’m either shocked that OJ went so low or you took TJ that high.

BTW… not too high. just that high.

Based on the games OJ played last season. As long as he stays healthy, his floor for me is around 80 targets, 900 yards and 8 TDs. That’s without even considering that TB may not keep Brate and Winston playing the whole season. For the 3 weeks after their bye (week 5), before Winston was benched, OJ averaged a little over 65 yards per game and scored twice. He then dipped in performance but when Winston came back in week 11, OJ had 75 yards before hurting his ankle and missing the remainder of the season. So 80-900-8 is my floor but he has a lot bigger ceiling than TJ does as long as he stays healthy.

Plus rookie TEs are notorious for having slow starts to their career.

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OJ went in middle of the 5th like 2 picks after I took NKeal Harry. And I took TJ at back half of the 6th. Mainly cause 2 guys behind me had 2 picks each before I got my pick back and they both needed a TE with only HH, Ebron, TJ left on the board. And I prefer TJ to all of those by a mile.

This is decisively OJ Howard for me! Rookie TEs are a pain and if you’ve listened to the Iowa coach, Kirk Ferentz, while he’s extremely complimentary of Hockenson, he’s been very clear that he thinks it’ll be a few years before he really starts to impress in the NFL.

OJ Howard is just finally past that stage and is a much better athlete, in a much better offense to boot. Even with injury concerns to consider, this one’s a slam-dunk (IMO). Especially with the rumors that Brate may still be traded.