Tj yeldon or davante adams

adams just got the go ahead. who should i start 1/2 ppr

i say Yeldon. But if you’re gonna kick yourself for not starting your key guy, then by all means play Adams.

Check and see if Allison gets cleared tomorrow. If it’s Adams and two rookies starting at WR who do you think all the targets are going to? It’s going to be Adams and Graham.

i just worry adams could reinjure himself during the game, or that he doesn’t really play or get too involved and is in there more as a threat to draw away attention from other targets. meanwhile yeldon is all but guaranteed to at least get a chance to score a touchdown.

but of course that’s all speculation and is mostly the decision that would bother me least if it didn’t go my way lol. well, i do also think yeldon has the most upside, arguably of any other player this week in fact, but hard to predict what he does given he hasn’t started many games in his career.

I’m worried about Adams going out and posting an egg on re injury as well. I have other viable options in kupp Ingram and Aaron jones, but I struggle to bench Adams. Especially since my team name revolves around him.

I think it depends in what you need. If you think you should win this week, and need safe production, I’d go with Yeldon due to the Adam’s injury. If you think you need a riskier play hoping for a blow up game, I’d go with Adams.

It’s such a tough decision. I could see with all the injuries Adams with 15 targets! But I could also see him being a decoy or re injury and leave after the first quarter! And then with yeldon last time he started against the pats it was the Corey grant and bortles show and he had 8 points

Both ended up having pretty good days. WIN-WIN

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yeah my team scored 140 so nbd on picking yeldon. jordan reed stunk it up for me tonight though