Tj yeldon or james connor

yeldon is a workhorse but playing a tough dallas connor up against cincy on the road? im starting sony and melvin for sure these two are fighting it out for the flex. half ppr who you got?

You don’t take James Conner out of your lineup under any circumstances

some would say that about yeldon as well my friend


I still feel Conner is the dude to roll with. Jaguars-Cowboys could be such a low scoring defensive game that Yeldon’s scoring opportunity isn’t going to be nearly what Conner’s will be. They each get a giant workload so it’s just about deciding between talent, team offense and defensive matchup, all of which I think go to Conner

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Agreed. Conner is a top 5 running back up to now. That should be respected. And there will be more scoring opportunities for him this week. Yeldon might score but his game is slated to be a defensive struggle. Although defensive games tend to lead to high usage of RBs. I could be wrong but I’d still go with Conner.

do you guys agree with me starting sony over yeldon as well?

I do. His role is more established and more effective. Yeldon has been good when he starts but not like Michel. Also Michel will have more opportunity to score than Yeldon.