Tj yeldon or sony michel this week

who ya got?

Start both.

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I think Sony. But yeah start both if you can.

Michel > Yeldon.

Michel going up vs KC bottom 3 run D. Dude’s going to eat.

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Sony. This Pats Chiefs game is going to be point city whereas thinking of Jags Cowboys makes me puke in my mouth a little.

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Yeah. Dallas D is not illegitimate at all. It’s really the only way they can compete right now…

PPR go Yeldon. Michel doesn’t get the targets necessary to compete with Yeldon who will have 15+ carries and close to 5 catches

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I agree Yeldon has increased value in ppr. But playing @ dallas, against their defense, it totally offsets that vs Michel who is playing at home, vs a KC defense that basically gives up like 8 ypc.

If you can start both do it. Alfred Blue had a lot of catches last week and Yeldon is very effective in the passing game.

Find a way to start both.

guys i have melvin gordon and james connor. would you start yeldon or sony over connor?

half point ppr btw

Yeldon has the higher ceiling in PPR.

Definitely not yeldon. And Ben on the road is notoriously bad so they will lean more on the run game. I’d say it’s a toss up between Connor and Sony. I’d try and find a way to play both if you could.

yeah i’m playing 3 rbs and yeldon and dalvin cook are the odd men out rn was just checking around to see if everyone agreed.

Sony is not healthy. He may play but he is not practicing. Even if he does it will be more of the same. Have to bank on a big run or GL TD. They are going to want to limit his work no matter what he does.

Yeldon, it’s just him. He gets 95% of the effort.

I think Sony is healthy and they just manage him during the week because he just had a surgery and hes the best rb on the team

Yeah I agree, Sony is fine. They’re just managing his knees given his previous history. Additionally, Sony did practice but in a limited fashion hence managing his reps.