TNF thread

To discuss the chiefs chargers game

Im regretting going against my gut reaction of never trust a Super choker. Got rivers and Jackson starting.

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Sheeet, did Jackson get benched

Rivers with some weird throws tonight… couple of passes too short, some weird ints

It’s just such a classic charger game


Was counting a lot on the rivers-allen stack. Luckily I have a great team.

come on keeenan

Chargers are just such a crappy franchise… that hand off to Williams just crushed my soul.

I’m so stocked that I started Williams lol

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When you realize that Chiefs vs Chargers is really Williams & Williams vs Williams & Williams.


Comment of the year

I hate the Chargers. Played Rivers and Jackson against my better judgement and have been kicking myself since the opening drive. Knew I shouldn’t have trusted them

Literally the exact same. The worst part is I played Jackson over jones, diggs and Williams.

Also, rivers or newton. My worst coaching week and it’s in the playoffs

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All 3 of my team have completely fallen apart the last two weeks… especially the one with most of my players tonight where I had Hunt and have Gordon, Jackson, Rivers, Hill, Ware (no Damien) I started 11-2 and top scorer by 250 pts. Now I can barely scrounge 90pts in a PPR league.

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I was expecting another shootout tonight, like the rams and chiefs 54x51… So far the chargers ofense is unable to match kansas ofense, and their defense is giving first downs like the just dont want to compete… weird game

I mean, not 54x51, but at least 70+ points

Don’t beat yourself up too bad Jackson worked out and Rivers salvaged something to makeup for the turnovers.

I took out Damien Williams 2 minutes before kickoff because I didn’t want 4 guys in this game just thought it was too much. So I benched him for Tevin Coleman LOL! He better have the game of the year against Arizona

Not a good start for Butker but sometimes that happens with KC offense on the field.

Kicking myself for not picking up Williams but I still have Cook as a fine play in the flex. Having Ware might be worthless even if he comes back because now I see RBBC in KC and they only run about 40 percent of the time too. Plus both those guys were catching passes so you can’t even break it down that way.

Aww man that’s rough. Ya, i guess what hit harder was that hill had a classic floor game of 4 pts… that end zone 40 yard drop was killer