To add or not (1st round bye)

Hello clan!

I am in 2nd place (stumbled down the road with hunt, fournette, kupp and howard). However, i secured a first round bye and currently own the #2 priority waiver add.

Should I claim any of the top adds? (Wilson, Samuels, Jackson, etc.). From what I am seeing, they all are good adds for Week 14, but not so much for after. Anyone think they will have good value after this week when I am on BYE?

My Roster (standard league):

QB: Newton, Winston
RBs: Fournette, Breida (wilson handcuff?), Mack (bad schedule), Ware, Malcom Brown
WRs: Adams, Allen, Reynolds (kupp replacement),
TEs: Brate (howard replacement), Burton
DEF: Denver, Jacksonville

I can drop burton or malcom brown (now hes injured) to pick up someone, but not sure if it is worth the claim. Other choice is wait and see if anyone makes it through waivers, pick them up Wed AM, and then use my claim to keep players away from opponents in 2/3 weeks or for a big add TBD.