To all the unhappy campers out there

So for the most part this site has been a very positive and great place to come for good stories, cool people, and sound advice. However, and I’m sure it is due to the playoffs, seems lately there have been a lot of people complaining about the guys’ advice giving and it costing people their matchups. Listen, these dudes do this for free. Sure you can sponsor, sure you can pay for the UDK, but the podcast is 100% free. Andy, Mike and Jason take the stats, take the stories, take the reports and analyze it the best they can to try and predict who will do what on the field. But what it comes down to is Any Given Sunday. Any Given Sunday Tom Brady can poop his big boy pants, or J-Stew and torch the one of the best rush defense in the league. I think people are losing track of the fact that this is a fun, free show that nobody is forcing you to listen to or follow. So to take your time to bash these guys on here because they said to play this guy over that guy and you ended up losing is just childish. If you really are unhappy, do your own research, crunch your own numbers and make your own decisions. I can almost guarantee when they gave the advice you followed you probably thought to yourself “oh yeah that’s a good call I didn’t think of that. I’m def doing that”. So wipe the tears from your eyes, and get ready to get that #footclantitle next year! Or you can always play Fantasy Golf… :smile:


@Forty9Giants VERY WELL SAID my friend!!! I was appalled when I saw some of the posts giving one or all of the “guys” hell!!! I thought…“REALLY???” because of most of what you stated above. And to do so on THE FOOTBALLERS CHAT no less. I’ve checked out many, many different FFB podcasts and #1) there’s not a single one that can keep me chuckling/laughing out loud much less not fighting to stay awake as this one does. #2) you can also watch them on YOUTUBE which is even more entertaining being able to see the antics that aren’t as apparent on the Podcast. #3) they’re more accurate than not. AND #4) (as you already stated) THEY DO THIS FOR FREE!!!


(sorry for all the caps…just really wanted to stress these points!!!)


Yeah Its unfortunate to see that.

I was just talking about this with a friend recently. As right around Thanksgiving with family in town i didn’t get to listen to like Wednesday and Thursday podcasts till Friday.

It was so funny to listen to a podcast AFTER you knew what happened.
Andy said that he would Pump the breaks on Kennan allen or he is not a Must start and obviously on Thanksgiving Keenan allen exploded. Then later on Mike says to play crowder even though he has had just ok games recently and well he Blew up for a TON of points. so right there 1 prediction was right and 1 wasn’t.

It just shows that these guys are human and there is no full proof method to choosing players. Even with all the stats and research they put in you can’t know how a game is going to go or what plays the coach is going to call. I bet if you go back and listen to podcasts after the Fact they get 6/10 predictions right. Yes the 4 they miss may cost you a game but give me a break. I would love to see what predictions you make and how well you do all year.

I have paid alot of money for Roto pass or other fantasy sites in years past that give you loads of DATA. But have never done as well as i have this year by just buying the UDK and listening to the podcasts. As you can have as much DATA as possible but at the end of the day Fantasy is mostly just luck. And i would rather have DATA and guesses pushed my way in a fun entertaining podcast then reading tons and tons of spreadsheet data on players on 14 different sites.

Just have fun with it and know at the end of the day these guys guesses are as good as yours but they have a WAY cooler way of presenting it. Don’t get mad or hateful just gear up for next year and hope Luck is on your side

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Thank you @Fr0sty11. Another “VERY WELL SAID” post!!! Bottom line here is…these guys DO know what they’re talking about and pass it on to us in the most entertaining and often comical way!!! They are the best in the industry in that respect in my opinion. Nobody makes EVERY call 100%. Hell…even the coaches that are making the big bucks to try to take these teams to the BIG SHOWDOWN don’t get it right every time. EVEN BELLECHICK!!! AND…for that matter…I don’t know ANY professional in ANY business that makes the RIGHT call EVERY TIME!!! It is what it is!!! And the main thing is…it’s supposed to be fun!!! Chill out folks and let’s get back to the “FUN” part of it!!!:hugs: