To burn or not to burn #1 waver wire pick after Week 1?

I have the #1 waiver wire position in our league. I’m thinking about using it on Tarik Cohen but is he worth using the position this early? I have Freeman, Kareem THE DREAM Hunt, Doug Martin, Joe Mixon and Danny Woodhead. I don’t have confidence in Woodhead’s health and my biggest competition in the league has David Johnson, Zeke, Jonathan Stewart & James White so I’m considering it as much a defense as anything with Johnson’s injury.

The only others I see I’m considering would be Galloday or Carson but again I’m not sold that they’re worth burning my position.

10 team 1/2 pt PPR redraft

If they reset, absolutely if not then maybe, maybe not. If you need WR depth, I’d take a long look at Hurns.

I think it depends who you would be dropping? If woodhead is out for a while, then drop him and do it.
It really depends on roster construction.

Personally, I watched most of that bears game, and Cohen is a playmaker and will see plenty of touches all season. I would try to grab him in any and all leagues possible.

Personally, i would do it.

I’m in an IDP league and had to pick up an extra LB this week since Tampa Bay got postponed so I’m dropping the extra defensive player I pick up for week 1. I’m holding to hear the news on Woodhead before dropping him. I watched most of the Bears game too and was very impressed with Cohen too even more so since White is out the rest of the season.