To gronk or not to gronk

Hi all! I’m in a 12 team PPR keeper league and I have the 11th pick. I kept Antonio Brown, costing my 1st round pick. By the time I pick at 2.02, I expect to pick between Devonta Adams, devonte Freeman, Mixon, Jordan Howard and gronk. Most teams have kept a good RB. I’m very tempted to grab gronk here, but am concerned that passing on my first RB here would put me too far behind the curve by the time I pick again at 3.11. What do you guys think?

I would go with the best RB you can get. The top tier guys just vanish by the time you’ll have that 3rd pick at 3.11 and there are a number of decent TEs you can get later on. 3.11 might even have Ertz available depending on your league-mates’ picks if you want one of the top 3 guys (that might be a stretch though).

I get the argument for gronk. But I’m never taking a guy who is as banged up as gronk that early. You want to reduce your chances of a bust in the early rounds as much as possible. So my choice is between Freeman and Howard. Freeman for his pass catching chops, but I have similar concerns with injury with him, just not as bad. So my choice would be Howard since you already have an all decade player in brown.