To Kelley or Not to Kelley, that is my Question!

A guy in my league just dropped Rob Kelley and I am trying to figure out whether or not I should swap him with Giovani Bernard or Jonathon Stewart on my bench. I am set at WR and already have Fournette, Hyde, and Kamara. But once Kelley gets healthy, would he be a better possible flex option during my playoff push?

Same thing happened in my league and I snatched him up. He’s been banged up all year, and I think he’ll be better coming off the bye week. He’s injury insurance/trade bait for me.

Do you have a recommendation on who I ought to drop to grab him?

League dependent. Gio seems to still get plenty of passing work, and I feel Fat Rob and J Stew are redundant.

Gotcha. It would probably help to mention then that it’s 10 team standard NPPR league.

I see. I’d probably keep J Stew then. Has more TD upside.

I agree. Thank you for you input. I really appreciate the advice.