To play Herndon or not to play herndon

Hey everyone, I am in a bit of a pickle this week as I have even engram but he’s out this week and next week. I also had Herndon stashed thinking Engram would be hurt eventually . Now my dilemma is do I play Herndon this week or is it too risky since he hasn’t played since last year, might be limited and might be in a time share. I like herdons matchup for next week and with engram on bye I don’t want to drop him. So do I drop a player and add a third tight end (all players on my waiver aren’t great like smith and cook)just for this week or again play Herndon? I need some help. Thanks everyone!

Even tho I’ve held him since like week 3, I’m not starting him until I’ve seen that he’s useful.

Meantime, Everett starts for my team.

I have him in my dynasty league along with Ertz. Ertz is on bye so I’m firing him up this week despite everything. I can’t pivot though because it’s a deep league, so you may want to add someone like Smith (Walker is out) if you really need the W this week.

I’m 7-2 so going to have a laugh and see what Herndon can do!

I’m hoping Herndon is legit, but I’ll wait and see until then. For this week I’m playing Gesicki. But I also don’t have a TE, so Herndon is my lottery ticket. In your situation, I think it’s a tall ask to roster 3 TEs. If I was you I’d be looking for a pivot.

You’ll play Engram any other week over Herndon, so I don’t see the point of hanging on to a liability… even if he does work out, you will still play Engram over him when healthy. At best he becomes trade bait, but why deal with the headache. Find a streamer with a good matchup to hold you over.