To Pollard or not to Pollard?

Hi everyone

Tony Pollard is available in my 12 team standard league. Should I pick him up and if so, who do you think I should drop. Here is my current list:




I do need to drop someone in the near future as I currently have no kicker.

Thanks so much guys


I’d pick him up and drop either Miller or Gallup. Let’s say Pollard is useful for 3/4 games, by the time he becomes expendible Golden Tate would have served his suspension and be a better rest of season play off the waiver wire than the WR you dropped for Pollard. He’s going to be a RB2 minimum whilst Zeke is playing silly beggars, which it looks like will be longer than first anticipated.

If the last name on your list “Samuel” is Deebo Samuel, then drop him. SF looks like a bit of a mess right now. You won’t regret it much.

Anthony Miller and Michael Gallup could actually be productive on much better offenses.

I took Samuel as Curtis Samuel. And I assume it’s Anthony Miller not Lamar too.

Curtis Samuel’s a different story.

He’s the pundit’s golden boy! He’ll outpoint DJ Moore for sure if you ask all these experts. That may happen, but it may not. We’ll see.

And no, I wouldn’t drop “Samuel” if it refers to Curtis Samuel, regardless of my cynicism about all the slobbering over him…

I would drop Ballage for Pollard

I disagree. Pollard won’t be useful once Zeke returns, and although we don’t know when that will be, it seems like it’s an eventuality (unlike the Gordon holdout).

But there are signs pointing to the Dolphins wanting to move on from Kenyan Drake (he was dangled in the Clowney discussions). Plus, he has recently been seen in a walking boot.

I would want to get Pollard without giving up a RB with long term starter potential.

Receivers are a dime a dozen. He should drop one of the lower grade receivers on his roster.

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Thanks guys. Appreciate it. Will likely need to drop both a RB and WR because I still need to pick up a kicker. It is C Samuel and I will definitely keep him for now. Thanks so much