To quit or not to quit?

Joined an existing 10 keeper 14 team league this off season(with a $100 Buy in) with the hopes of getting my first taste of keeper league action. I have not paid and we have yet to draft this year. Upon getting in the league I’m warned not to do business with the commish because he has formed a dynasty by pulling off outlandish trades that benefit him and cripple owners and essentially the league.

Well, this week the co-commish (whom warned me about the commissioner and his dynasty and whose team is extremely stacked) posts a trade that he’s made where he shipped off Dez Bryant and Kelvin Benjamin for another owners 3rd rd, 5th rd and 6th rd picks in 2018 and 1st and 2nd rd picks in 2019. There are no vetoes/votes for trades.

My questions to you, foot clan, are 1) is this trade as outlandish and awful as my brain and eyes tell me? And 2) is this the kind of league I want to willingly put $100 into? Am I overreacting or what?


Quit that league.

And do it quickly.

The “no vetoes” condition is enough, regardless of the degree to which that trade is or isn’t ridiculous. But that trade is ridiculous.

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The point of fantasy football is to win. I take a comment about another team being good, a ‘dynasty’ with a grain of salt. That said, based on your comments I would be cautious. For every trade there are two parties. If any single team is able to repeatedly make ‘bad’ trades, ones where both teams are not better for it, than that tells me the other owners are not good or invested in the league.

The specific trade is not easy to assess without more information. How do your keepers work? Is there a round penalty or is it essentially your first 10 picks? If it is the latter than the trade seems more reasonable. A 3rd becomes a 13th and so forth. One trade does not make a bad owner or league.

You definitely want a league with no vetos or trade votes. However, there should be a system to deal with actual collusion.

Finally if you are having concerns I would politely resign from the league now. It’s easy to find another league. Hard to get out of one when it’s started.

A 10 keeper is stupid. Go dynasty or go 2-3 keeper/redraft! Why draft the bottom third of players and rookies each year.

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I would quit now. That is one of the worst trades i have ever heard. Dez is not even on a team. Dont waste your time on this

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Thank you for the response. As far as keeers go, you can keep any player you drafted in their rookie year or traded with the owner that drafted them in their rookie year. No penalties for keepers other than if You keep 10, they make up your LAST 10 picks of the draft. Also, these kinds of trades have happened multiple times over the years, I found out after messaging multiple people that have been in the league a while. Mainly with the commissioner himself and now the co commish. So there is either collusion or multiple owners who are oblivious.

I’m with fun4willis, there is nothing obviously unfair about this trade. It bears repeating: in a 14 team 10 keeper league, a 3rd round pick is really a 13th round pick, ie 168 players will be off the board, ie it’s basically worthless. The only pick in this whole deal that’s worth much of anything is the 2019 1st, which if it’s a later pick might not be all that valuable either.

This is a key example of why leagues should not have league votes in trades, because reasonable people can disagree as to what is fair, and in my experience league voting leads to very few trades actually happening.

Also agree that ultimately, I would much prefer a full dynasty or a 2-3 keeper league to this half ass format.

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