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To Start Benjamin tonight or not -


That is the question of the week.


I have Benjamin and I’m personally not. I’m trying to be cautious with it. He’s literally been on the team 2 days.

Plus I like to avoid Thursday players anyways unless they’re studs.


Typically speaking… a WR whos been on the team for 2 days wouldnt generally be a good start…


Not. watched walk thrus this morn before the game.


Thanks - just hard up on byes this week. I guess it’s Jordy then.


Ya it sucks… im forced to start Jordy too… but Benjamin has a better chance of getting 0 point than he does of breaking 5 ppr points imo… he literally got traded end of day tuesday… he wouldve had to move from Carolina to Buffalo… im sure he hasnt had a real practice… ill be shocked if he sees 20% of snaps