To take the risk on tyreek hill

Dynasty 0.5 ppr.I got an offer for my 3rd and 6th pick this year for tyreek hill. I am not really big on the most of the rookies this year. This is my current team

I really like this trade for you, mostly because you’re honestly loaded at WR youth. Moore, Kirk, Samuel, Allison, OBJ, Allen… all of them are entering, or just recently entered their prime. This WR class is getting a lot of hype, rightfully so, but the odds that you find anyone with the 3rd and the 6th that can beat out Moore or Kirk, not to mention OBJ/hill, are still pretty slim, and I honestly doubt any of the RBs will last long in the NFL (and if any do good luck picking the right one). You’re taking some risk with hill, obviously, but for me it would just come down to a character choice. The trade itself is a no-brainer to me, but you have to decide whether or not you’d still want Hill on your team IF the investigation proved that he broke a child’s a arm. (Innocent till proven guilty, I know, but it’s something I’d unfortunately have to consider before making the trade).

Also, side note, I’d think about trying to trade for Hyde right now, just in case. You could probably get him pretty cheap and then you’d know for sure you’d have the KC starter through this year, and you’d be ready to “win now”