To Tilt or not to Tilt

Its full tilt time! In my main league of record (12 team 0.5 PPR), I have hit the dreaded 0-4.

QB: L. Jackson
RB: S. Michel (hot garbage), C. Thompson, Du. Johnson, R. Penny (INJ), T. Coleman (INJ)
WR: D. Adams (INJ), JJSS, M. Hardman, D Jax (INJ), M. Williams (INJ), M. Jones Jr
TE: G. Kittle, V. Davis (dropping after this week)
DEF: Vikings
K: M. Crosby

With so many injuries and waivers being pretty barren…What should i do trade wise to improve this?

I mean, that RB corps is not looking good. I would be shopping Juju for a RB2 + WR2.

What are some people you would consider an RB2 and WR2? I can’t seem to get any hits on JJSS due to everyone shying away from his QB situation.

After tonight, I am not even sure juju is on anybody’s list to acquire…

Yeah at this point you might need to shop Lamar Jackson for a serviceable (top 10) QB and a RB2. Might be able to obtain Mack after last week’s dud. Other RB2: Mixon, Freeman, Jacobs…

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Mixon owner is hell to deal with. He would want the world and he has Chubb, Mixon, Fournette but no top wide out. Freeman owner already has Conner so not sure if he’d want another steeler in a not so good offense, but i can ask. Jacobs has possibilities.

Would you think i need JuJu and something for Jacobs or were you saying straight up?

Who has James White and do you think you could give him Michel and Juju for him and a WR2/WR3.
Whites got a favorable schedule and if he has a couple of good games you could probably trade him and get someone good for him if you wanted too.
And with his work in the passing game he seldom busts.

Same owner that has Mixon, Fournette, Chubb has James White. For Juju, i might be able to get white and something but he is a pittsburgh fan and is well aware of the decline in market value due to the Roth injury. His receivers are Godwin, Kupp, Sanders, M. Brown.

If you don’t expect JuJu to bounce back I’d offer JuJu and Micheal for Sanders and White.
But it all depand on if you expect him to get back to his old production levels.
In my opinion Sanders is under rated and will provide at least WR2 numbers in most though not all matchups and my current opinion of Michael is plenty low enough to offer him as well as JuJu in order to get White and Sanders.

i was holding out hope for JuJu, i just haven’t seen mason rudolph really look good. yes he had a good completion percentage but he just wasn’t going down the field. If this is what we expect from JuJu going forward it maybe time to move one. Does anyone else feel he’s going to bounce back? Even if i lower expectations from the WR1 he was drafted as, i am not really even getting WR3 production at this point.

He asked for adams for white/sanders. I just can’t do that even with adams hurt.

I agree keep Adams.

With Adams ruled out and going 0-5 a real possibility do I just throw Allison out there or pursue whatever deal I can get that gets me a better warm body to stick out there?

A. Tate, R. Anderson/J. Crowder, N. Hines are all on waivers. Is it worth using then over Mike Williams, T. Coleman returning from injury with D Jax still out?