To trade Mattison or Keep

Here’s the lowdown. I’m in 2nd and have Mattison, 1st place team has Cook and obviously wants to get Mattison from me. I’m pretty solid on all fronts but I’m thinking I could use this to get Kelce on my side. So the question is, would you send Kittle and Mattison for Kelce or just hold pat with Mattison in hopes of a prolonged Cook absence and a top 5 play. Full PPR League.

My Team:
Josh Allen
Kamara, Henderson, Montgomery, Mattison, Ingram, Sony Michele
Dionte Johnson, CeeDee, Keenan Allen, Jeudy, Higgins, Parker (on IR)
Kittle, Higbee

I am not opposed to that trade.

If it is accepted, it is an upgrade at TE for you.

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Not to sound greedy, but I think you should get more than just Kelce.
Kamara is “supposed” to be coming back. Henderson is unclear if he’s really playing this week. He’s more desperate to have Mattison on his side- I imagine. So I would make the trade and be happy getting Kelce but I would get at least 1 more player.

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I’d prefer Kittle over Kelce rest of season. Would suggest that upside of Mattison is greater then any perceivable difference between Kittle/ Kelce.

But definitely shop Mattison. There should be several desperate league managers this week.

Target Managers with: [Dalvin Cook], D’Andre Swift, Miles Sanders, Christian McCaffrey, Ezekiel Elliott, Najee Harris, Aaron Jones, Deebo Samuel

I would hypothesize that every contending team is a candidate based on this list of players.

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