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To trade OBJ?!?!


So bare with me for a second while I explain real quick the rules of this league. So, briefly…

  • You cannot keep a player who was drafted within the first three rounds.
  • A player cannot be kept more than three years in a row (even if traded to new owner)
  • You lose the draft pick of the round the player was drafted in.
  • If a player is not drafted, and ends up being a keeper, you lose your last pick

So that’s the basics. Here is my thought. I got OBJ his rooking year off of the waivers since he started the season injured. So I have kept him for two (this will be his third and last year) for my last pick (14th round). Sweet right? Well, I’m wondering if I need to ship him away now, much like NBA players are shipped away on their last year of their contract, for some fresh new blood. So here are some trades I’m debating on.

Non PPR League.

I give:
OBJ (lose 14th round pick if kept.) (And cannot be kept after this year)
4th round pick this year

I get:
Terrel Pryor (lose 14th round pick if kept) (Can be kept for the next three years at that price).
Devonta Freeman (lose 6th round pick if kept) (Can be kept for 2 more years)
8th round pick this year
1st and 4th round pick next year.

This owner has no 2nd, 3rd, or 4th round pick this season so he is desperate to get more picks this year. If I can throw him a bone with a one year OBJ and a 4th, I think I can get some decent stuff in return. Thoughts? Oe am I crazy to even consider trading OBJ who only costs me my last pick?

My possible keepers this year. All can be kept for my last pick. I can keep up to three

  • OBJ
  • Allen Robinson
  • Jordan Howard
  • Jamison Crowder
  • Mike Gillislee



With the ability to keep Pryor and Freeman beyond this season, where OBJ can’t, I think this is a fair deal.

Basically, you can keep Pryor/Freeman in 2018 and have the ability to draft OBJ in 2018, since he can’t be kept?

Seems like a solid idea. Basically, you’re debating between starting off with

OBJ, ARob, and Howard
Pryor, ARob, and Freeman - major downgrade at WR for a minor upgrade at RB, plus Keeper potential.


Standard scoring. I would have to debate if I want to keep Jordan Howard over Freeman since Howard would only cost me my last pick. Whichever I do not keep I would trade away for picks. So yes, you are technically correct.


Anyone else out there with a thought? Leaning towards doing it but if the trade goes bad you know what they say, misery loves company.


I’d say that (edit: especially) if you are leaning toward keeping Howard over Freeman post trade, this may not be worthwhile. How close do you feel your team is to being a championship contender this season? I feel like it would help you next year but if you are a legit contender, go for it now with OBJ on your squad one more time.


Well it is hard to say how close I will be until after the draft since we only keep three players. However, I have won this league three years in a row so I’m sure I will be somewhat towards the top and in contention again this year. I just don’t know what is more valuable, holding on to Odell for one more year and then losing him for nothing, or cutting bait now and setting myself up for the next few years.

Regarding Freeman and Howard I would end up trading the one that I got the best return for. Try and flip Freeman for a 4th rounder or something would be nice.


Duh, keeper question :expressionless:. Sounds like the trade may help to keep things interesting for you haha


This is a very good idea and trade on your part. I would keep Freeman and Howard, your giving up a 6th round for Freeman in a league where each team keeps 3 and I’m guessing it’s a 12 team league. So in essence you really giving up a 9th rounder. So keep those two and Pryor. And then next season, I imagine this guy’s gonna not be that great after this deal, you’ll have a pretty high pick and you could probably take him again.