To trade or not to trade LeVeon Bell

Ok, so here’s the situation. I play in a 12-team PPR 3-keeper dynasty-lite league. All that means is that you designate 3 keepers, that don’t cost you any draft picks. I’ve had Bell since his first season where I grabbed him in the 13th round (if you remember, he was hurt all through preseason and considered a “long-shot” to play early in the season, lol).

In that time I’ve won 2 championships, including this past season. He doesn’t show signs of slowing down, but I wonder if his trade value as at it’s peak. I was just able to trade Kelce for a 1st round pick and two 4ths. I believe I can get two 1st round picks and probably more this offseason.

If I trade Bell, my 2018 keepers will be chosen from the following pool of players:
Michael Thomas
Mike Evans
Jarvis Landry
Larry Fitzgerald
Joe Mixon

Of course, there is the opportunity to trade for someone else as well. One player I’ve had on my radar is Dalvin Cook, who happens to be owned by the manager with Devonta Freeman and Alvin Kamara. I could probably get Cook for a 4th round pick. which means I’d be getting Cook, 2 firsts and then some for Bell.

If I did that, my keepers would most likely be Thomas, Evans, and Cook.

My question for the community, to trade Bell, or not to trade Bell?


The way I look at is this, assuming every team has to keep three players, and so that pool of 36 players are the top 36 players in the league (may not work out exactly like that, but close enough), so now your two 1st round picks you are getting for Bell are really two 4th round picks. So the question is, do you trade Lev Bell for Dalvin Cook and two 4th round players. My league is a three keeper league as well, so looking back at my league draft, in the 4th round you are looking at players like Bilal Powell, Danny Woodhead, Chris Hogan type guys. I doubt any of those guys would really be a huge impact on your team, right? So my ultimate vote is no I would not trade Bell. I like getting Cook since he is young and has a long, and what looks to be a very successful career ahead of him, but not sure he is enough with two 4th round talents for Bell.

Now with that being said, if you look over the rosters of the other teams, and you see a solid pool of 6-10 players that would be viable starters for your team, that may end up back in the draft, I would consider it. But my gut at this point tells me no, do not trade Bell.

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That’s sort of have I feel as well. I can probably get Cook even without trading Bell. Do you think he would be a better keeper than Evans?

Whenever I’m torn between a WR and RB I usually lean RB. Especially with Cook being so early in his career, I think I would lean Cook here. This is all assuming he is expected to fully recover from injury. Haven’t really looked into it all that much but I’d assume he will be good to go?

I’m glad you brought this up, because I agree completely. That is the only problem with no penalty keepers. It destroys the value of picks, while still looking good because you get to say I got 2 1st rounders for such and such. That being said, every chance you get at more players who could break out the better. So cook who is a young potential stud, who could put up bell-lite stats plus 2 players to build depth around him with? Things could be worse. Like relying on bell only for him to get hurt or suspended again.

I think the uncertainties of the Steelers as a whole is what makes me almost want to trade Bell. If they franchise tag him again I could see him sitting out the season. If Big Ben retires, how does that impact the offense? If I decide on trading him, I’d like to do that before any news breaks to maximize value. Such a tough call to make, trading the best fantasy player in the game is definitely not easy.

Plus if they don’t franchise tag him and release or trade him, what if he goes to a team that is poor at some blocking? Or doesn’t target the RB as much in the pass game? I do agree there are too many what ifs for bell, so the more I think about it, the more I’m on board. There is one other option, and it’s the reason you are struggling. What if bell is just bell and produces like a maniac, for the next 4 years? Because that is an option for him. So I get your delima.