To trade or not to trade that is my conundrum

A guy in my league wants to make a trade. He went 0RB this year so he has awesome receivers. Now he 0-2 and freaking out. He wants aRB. He wants me to give him Marshawn Lynch & Josh Gordon for TY Hilton. I skeptical of letting Gordon go since he’s in New England now, but I also don’t know if he will come up to speed in that offense quickly. My recievers now are Diggs, Agholor, Crabtree, Gordon & Amari Cooper. My RB are Gurley, McCaffrey, McCoy, Lynch and Phillip Lindsey. What should I do Foot Clan?

I have Lynch on my bench as well, and after looking at what you have, it seems you’re like me. I don’t see Lynch getting in my lineup save for an injury.

So I would take that trade.

I would do that trade. I am not sure when you can confidently put in Gordon in your lineup. It will take a while for him to learn the system. Why not get an good WR now that you start every week.

I know it’s tempting. But you can make a trade for a reciever at any time with those assets without Gordon. I know you want depth. But I think it’s worth the risk.
If anything wait to hear what the guys say about him

I would take that trade as well. Diggs and Hilton are both tier 2/3 WR and consistently targeted in their offenses. Gordon is by no means a sure thing and you know what you’re going get with Marshawn.

I just have faith that agholor is already a solid wr2. Not that it’s not a great trade you wouldn’t lose this trade if you did it, I just think you’re in a position to be able to take the risk with your depth

I would take that trade. You don’t necessarily need the ceiling of Gordon so it’s not worth it for you to take the risk. I would take the guaranteed top WR in a Luck led offense. It’s a safer play and given the rest of your team, which is stacked AF, you’ll do just fine.

Lynch is a sell for me almost everywhere.