To Trade or Not?

I’m stuck in the middle of the pack so I’m considering trading Sammy Watkins and Zeke Elliot for Adam Thielen. Here is my current roster/bench and what it would look like after trade:

12 team, 1/2 PPR league



I don’t love the trade, particularly because your going to be left high and dry at the RB position, and Theilen still has his bye week to occur.

I think a better move would be to start Breida, try and sell high on Cohen, package him with a WR like either wakins, sanu, or cooper to get a mid-high range WR2, maybe someone like Cooks or golden Tate?

That way you still have your RB1, a RB that can put up sufficent numbers, and you upgrade at WR. Whoever you don’t trade becomes WR3

That’s great advice. The guy in my league who has Beckham (WR15) is short on RB, so maybe he will sell low on Beckham and buy a little high on Cohen.