Today is my last chance in playoffs to add/drop. Have only one left. Should I drop Thielen?

In the league I’m in, there are no more waivers after today. None. I have one more add/drop left. Have been holding Thielen, but after news of DNP yesterday, I’m thinking I should drop him and pick up someone who might actually be playable. Available players include Patrick Laird, Mike Gesicki, Auden Tate, John Ross or I could pick up a DST for week 16 in case I get there. Other players I could drop instead of Thielen are Tyrell Williams, Christian KIrk, Derrius Guice, Deebo Samuel, James Washington. Help!

Williams has been awful as of late, but Theilen’s week 15 matchup against the chargers isn’t great one. He’s probably okay to drop at this point, but ask yourself if you’re going to play kirk or tyrell at all at any point moving forward

Good point. KIrk is still #28 in ECR, which surprises me, but Williams is much lower. Probably time I cut him loose and hope Thielen comes back.

I cut Williams in a 12 keeper league cause I won’t play him rest of season