Today was a bad day

Zeke didn’t get enough touches, but that was expected.

Michel averaged LESS than a 1 YPC while every other patriot RB averaged 5.5 or more.

Beckham was held in check.

Goff was a complete embarrassment.

Adams was shut down on Thursday night.

My opponent had Dak, CMC and Ekeler go off and score top scores at their positions.

Mark Andrews big day was completely wasted and Kamara’s performance tomorrow doesn’t even matter.

Sad sad day.

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Better to have your players be trash against a team that wild out ( and would have probably won this week anyway) then your players keep up and end up losing by less than 5-10pts #SilverLining #ItsOnlyWk1 #IBelieveInYou #FootClanStrong


Lots of people in your shoes right now. It’s a long season fortunately.

I almost pulled one out in spite of similar problems. Beyond frustrated right now as well but it’s okay.


Hey man, I’m feeling for you.
My starters included these busts:

Literally only bright spot was dalvin cook. Take him out of it and my starters averaged 6.5 points, and the top team averaged 18. Ready to tilt alreadt😂

I’m ahead by two points but they still have a kicker to play so next to impossible they can’t cover that. All my players except Lamar and Carson underdelivered, and her McCaffrey scorched the board, so we have the highest, closest matchup in the league this week

Same boat. My high score this week came from my Kicker ! I feel like I had all the duds: Goff, Kerryon, James Conner, Michel, Davante! , Lockett, OJ…wha happened? I feel concussed.

So you don’t want to hear about my L Jackson, CMC, and Ingram day? haha. I get it man, this was my year last year, started 1-6 and got in the playoffs and knocked off the 1 seed. Finished 2nd and in the money so don’t tilt yet. Just win the waiver wire and you will be good. The players you mentioned won’t do that every week and you won’t play against 3 guys that go off every week either.

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I lost because Matt Patricia called a timeout that prevented his team from icing the game basically. Opponent had a guy started on Lions that got 6 extra pts in OT and he beat me by 5.