Todd Gurley Dynasty Trade Value

I feel that TGIII value has never been lower… Would you say this is too much for him?

Dalvin Cook, Leonard Fournette and 2019 2nd round pick?

Also, while you’re here…

Fournette and a 1st for OBJ

Thoughts? Thanks everyone!

I would do either one.
I think Cook is going to be very good but never great and 4net is up and down. Meanwhile, a 2019 2nd is a fine but not great pick since the offensive talent in this draft is average at best. So to recap:
Cook is an RB1 (5-12) and Fournette is an unpredictable RB1/2 (1-24). Meanwhile, Gurley, should be a top 3 guy. I would trade two lower end RB1s for a top 3 guy all day (assuming I have the necessary depth) and the 2nd round pick is basically meaningless. Do it.

For OBJ, I’ve already made my argument on Fournette; but, OBJ is just as unpredictable due to the QB situation. I would make this deal but only after the NFL draft. If NYG draft a QB early (top 2 or 3 rounds) then I’m good with the deal. Or if they sign a guy to a deal longer than 1 year, I’m good with the offer. I understand that offers are not available indefinitely; so, I would make the deal today betting that the NYG draft a QB or sign one. The longer you can wait though, the better. Caution though, if you wait too long, the deal may go away.

Awesome feedback! Thank you!

My other RBs include Sony Michel and Derrick Henry. I definitely need another WR and feel that OBJ is the one to go after due to age and talent. Will most definitely keep all of this in mind and thanks again!

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