Todd Gurley is absolute trash and 100% overrated

It’s finally official and I don’t have to feel bad about saying it… I don’t care how bad the offensive line is… an “elite talent” doesn’t average 2ypc against the Colts… the fact that Gurley didn’t finish with over 150 yards is absolutely embarrassing… to put it into perspective… Jared Goff threw for over 300 yards against that defense. Sell high while you still can.

I have Gurley as an RB2 but I do see what you are saying. I would probably wait another week just to see what happens in that game. I have thought about trading him for Ty Mont. or D. Murray if I could but i’m not sure if their respective owners would accept that trade.

At this time, I would not accept that.

if I were you I’d definitely consider trying to turn him in for Ty Mont… I’ve been a believer in Ty Mont all offseason, but I was still slightly skeptical about him until last night… he really showed his versatility and athleticism in his featured back role… on top of that, the coaches and Rodgers both showed their trust in him giving him a 90% snap count and 25 touches against a tough Seattle defense… the only concern to be had with him at this point is his durability… I know it’s early, but I’m almost convinced Ty Mont finishes the season as a top 10 back.