Todd Gurley Saquon Barkley mega trade

Full PPR

I can get Todd Gurley and Kenny Golladay for Saquon Barkley and Cooper Kupp.

Todd Gurley is so good and I feel like some teams are starting to figure out Barkley. I could be completely wrong but that was my impression.

Kupp is obviously better than Golladay but I think in light of Tate leaving, he will see an uptick in targets. Any thoughts?

I would do that trade. saquon and kupp are great to have on a team. can’t forget. Rams still have a week 12 bye and gurley could be benched to be rested for playoffs

im a gurley owner and I just traded him.

Yeah, I have Gurley and getting more and more concerned about that myself. Fortunately I also have Kupp, but…with soooo many value players on that team; Kupp, Cooks, Woods…very good possibility they WILL start going a little easier on Gurley very shortly.

I’m not sure if this is clear or not but I would be getting Gurley. I just can’t tell lmao

Yeah… @Neildbhatt and I were just trying to offer the thought that you might need to keep in mind, that Gurley might not be as productive in the next few weeks because the Coaching staff may choose not to play him as much to save him for the P/O’s. Sooo……he might not get you much in these next few weeks.

Of course, it’s anybody’s guess what will happen. We were just trying to toss that thought up to add in your final decision.

Sorry…hope that helped make it a little clearer. :slightly_smiling_face:

(And yeah…I know your last post was meant for @Neildbhatt. Didn’t mean to horn in.)

It’s gurley. #1 pick who has had 20-30 plus games and is a TD machine. Stick in the flames, him and hunt are the two I would be targeting. I own gurley and kamara

And @Neildbhatt…LOL…sorry buddy, didn’t mean to speak for you. :roll_eyes:

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Get Gurley man. They will keep using Gurley. The loss to the Saints means they need to play their hearts out and try to win out the rest of the season unless the Saints just start dropping games. Plus, there are other NFC teams nipping at their heels. They want the #1 seed for sure. Gurley is a great add. Saquon is good but he’s on an awful offense.

haha no you’re good, took the words right out of my mouth :stuck_out_tongue:

Give me the gurley side of this trade all day.

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Go get Gurley forsure.

The Gurley side all day. I think the argument that he will be rested for playoffs is no longer valid after their loss to the saints. Plus, with a later bye week, he should be better rested for a solid fantasy playoff run.