Todd Gurley Trade to Make Playoffs

I’m currently 5-6. With a win this week, I will lock up a playoff spot (based on my opponent’s record and my total overall points). If I lost this week, then I would have to win next week and have one or two other teams lose in order to make the playoffs. My RBs are Gurley, Conner, and White. I was offered Melvin Gordon or Zeke for Gurley. This would most likely give me the win this week and lock up a playoff spot. What are your thoughts?

Then you don’t have Gurley in the playoffs and then what’s the point? You gotta keep him! You have Conner and White this week hopefully you can flex someone that’ll get you enough points to get the win this week

I think you might be right. After looking at his team, I think I can pull it off.

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Can you get another piece along with Gordon? I would take Gordon and an upgrade at WR if possible and you’re sure you need to make the trade to make the playoffs. Remember its March Madness in the playoffs, all you need to do is get in.

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