Todd Gurley Trades

12 Team 1/2 PPR 1RB 2WR 2 Flex

Thinking of offering a few trades for Todd Gurley (I own him). I just lost Dalvin Cook and am starting to get pretty thin (Lost Allen robinson week 1 as well).
My current Roster:
QB: Taylor, Carr (IR)
RB: Gurley D. Martin, Kamara,
WR: Julio, Crabtree, Maclin, Lee, Kupp
TE: Ertz

Here are a few options I was thinking of throwing out there

Gurley for Melvin Gordon and Diggs/OBJ
Gurley for Freeman and K. Allen
Gurley for L. Bell and Dak Prescott/Kelvin Benjamin

Which trade looks best for me? Do any of these trades suck for me?

Also want to note that I have an acquisition limit of 20 in this league. I’m all for scouring the waiver wire, but eventually that well will dry up which is why I’m leaning on a trade now for two solid pieces.

I think Freeman and Allen provide you with the only players you will start every week, although all of them are great

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Gurley for Bell/Kelvin…but the Bell owner would be stupid to do that. Just because Gurley has been the best RB up to this point doesn’t mean you just throw away the past 2 years of data on Bell. Bell started slow and seems to be returning to form. Bell > Gurley 10 out of 10 times