Tom or Dak attack

In a 2 QB League currently have Dak and JACKSON on a bye with josh ALLEN starting. Have a possible trade

Dak and Golden Tate for Tom Brady. Should I push it through or try and get by this week without one QB? currently 6-1 and projected to beat my opp by 15-20 Pts this week due to cook being a BOSS!

Also ten man league standard league

Footclan rules

I personally would rather hold on to Dak and I’m not sure why it is even necessary to add Tate into the deal. Dak is better than Brady this year so if anything Brady should need another player on top of it to make the deal.

Anyway, I’d roll with 1 QB or just find a streamer that will get you 5-10 points if you have someone you can drop. IF not, I’d go with the 1QB and plan for the rest of the season.

2 QB league so I would like to start more than 1 a week hahah but thanks!

Keep Dak easy one there

I mean, Dak is better than Brady (fantasy-wise), so I’m not understanding why’d you do this unless you are desperate to win this week in a touch matchup. I’d rather keep Dak and stream whomever you have to.