Tom Savage is the worst

Honestly, I think he is the worst professional QB I have ever seen play. He is so inept in every aspect of the game. He is wildly inaccurate, he isn’t mobile, he can’t read defenses, he doesn’t go through his progressions. Savage just does everything a QB need to do so poorly. Osweiler > Savage


The worst is yet to come, Texans ROS face four top defenses, two bottom D’s and one medium D.

Do you think with enough practice he can get the ball to Hopkins and Fuller against AZ or SF?

I mean Hopkins is a top talent in the NFL. He had a great game yesterday despite savage sucking. Is Hopkins a top 3 fantasy WR anymore? No of course not. But I think he’s still a low end WR1. Fuller is the biggest fraud in fantasy football history. coming into the week he was 1st in TDs and 155th in receptions…I mean come on. Everyone can see that that level of production isn’t in any way sustainable. Fuller is the posterboy for boom or bust play. If you are desperate and need points, he might be an okay play even with Savage, but I doubt it.

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He’s better than Osweiler. He’s WAY better than Tolzien or Curtis Painter.

I do actually agree that he’s better than Osweiler. That was a bit of recency bias on my part since I was watching the game at the time. Osweiler is truly the worst. Tolzien and Painter I would take over Savage though. Although this is kind of a moot argument to a degree. We are basically arguing which turd is the shiniest.

I don’t agree at all. Savage has looked like an NFL player at times. Painter put up the worst QB film I’ve seen upside of high school. It was genuinely amazing that he even got a look as a pro. Also, one Scott Tolzien start was enough to make Jacoby Brissett a necessary addition via trade. He was beyond terrible. Savage isn’t good, but I think he’s better than either of those two.