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TONIGHTS GAME (Running Back Help)


I have James Connor, Christian McCaffery and Saquon Barkley.
Should I start both Connor and McCaffery as my starters and flex Saquon? Or should I go with what I got now and start Saquon and Connor but flex McCaffery??
Please help before tonight’s game! Thanks!


I’d flex Barkley if you’re definitely playing the other two (which you should definitely be doing). It’ll allow you to pivot to WR or TE if Barkley gets injured in practice.


Okay cool, thank you bro. Appreciate it :fist:t3:


Yes, definitely flex Saquon. It literally doesn’t matter who your “starters” are in the position and who you flex. The points count all the same. But as @S_GAFF84 pointed out, making sure you aren’t flexing someone in Thursday games allow you to pivot more easily in case something unfortunate happens before the Sunday games.


Thanks dude, appreciate it :fist:t3: