Tonights Game

We do not have a TE spot in our roster but we can play a TE in a W/T Flex spot. Do I start Gronk tonight or do I pull him and start S. Watkins or K. Cole on Sunday?

I haven’t heard reports on Sammy’s injury. But Cole has a lot of upside in this week’s game. I’m on the fence with Gronk as well just because of his ankle.

I’d wait and listen to reports tonight about Gronks health and usage.

Gronk or cole, watkins blows… Your roster spots are unique, normally you can’t sit gronk if he plays, but putting a WR instead of a TE probably is the better call 95% of the time. However, Gronk overrides that imo… this is a tough call, but I would go Gronk.

" Sammy Watkins (hamstring) is practicing Wednesday.

It’s unknown in what capacity, but we would assume Watkins is limited after pulling his hamstring Monday night early in the first half and being unable to return. However, this is a promising sign for his Week 5 availability against the Jaguars where he’ll be a WR4 in an extremely tough matchup."

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