Tony Pollard vs. Justin Jackson

Which one are you targeting late?

Both. They’re both still going way too late. I would lean Pollard cause upside is higher if Zeke does hold out and he might still have standalone flex play value even if Zeke comes back. If Gordon comes back, Jackson is droppable.

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I think that’s great insight on the player value if the players do come back.

Just a thought though, Pollard is going to be more productive than J.J. if both teams don’t reach agreements for their starters, but I feel like Zeke is more likely to come back (I’ve been trending towards thinking he’s not coming back after all the insults thrown his way lately)

I agree with you there. Zeke is definitely more likely to come back in a shorter period of time than Gordon. Gordon looking like a no show until week 9/10. But even in that Scenario, Jackson won’t be the lead or most productive cause ekeler is 10x better.

Whereas I think Pollard is the most talented back in that backfield. Been saying it for a couple months now and people finally hopping on board. 14/14 snaps in pre season with 1st team also shows how they intend to use him.

Like I siad though, they’re both too cheap so I would get both but if you forced me hand and made me choose 1, it’s Pollard cause ceiling is higher.

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I only want Jackson.

Pollard has no value for me as I sit on the side that Zeke signs in the next week and plays every game.

Not sure what the benefit is of taking such a black and white stance. Would guess you also would be the type to draft Bell but ignore Conner cause yo know he’ll sign next week. There’s a price where Pollard is no longer worth it (i.e. in the 8-9 ish rounds) but in the double digit rounds, it’s all darts anyway. Might as well throw ones with high upside.

The benefits are that I don’t sit around with a wishy-washy back-and-forth mindset.

Zeke will sign, I don’t want any Pollard shares. I’ve made my plan and I’m moving on.

The Dallas organization did insult him terribly over the past few days. Zeke doesn’t seem like one to walk back hat in hand until they publicly apologize, or at least walk back the “Zeke who” statement. Just a thought.

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Yeah Jerry Jones is kind of an asshat, but two weeks is a lifetime in pre-season NFL life, and eventually they’ll figure out it’s beneficial to both parties to get a deal done.

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Definitely try to get both with the current holdout situations. I’d rather have JJ personally because I believe Gordon is more likely to hold out for longer.